Bioidentical Hormone Success Stories

Angel Longevity Medical Center Patient Testimonials

I wanted to let you know how much better I feel since going on the hormones you prescribed for me. Thank you!


I started hormone replacement therapy in January for hot flashes, night sweats, and “the jitters”. Four months later, I have no hot flashes, no night sweats and I am more calm and happy, with a relaxed peaceful energy! Thank you Dr. Mathur.


Three months into the hormone replacement I have tested 20 points higher on my IQ and 20 points higher on aptitude test. My tone level has come up considerably and the body feels better. I feel a significant gain in energy and attitude.


In relation to the hormone treatment that I have taken at Angel Longevity Medical center. Before I felt very tired, felt very angry. I believed that I was getting older and were the symptoms of aging. The energy and the will of doing everything I had to do during the day were no longer sufficient to carry out my daily actions. I felt so frustrated! When I cam e to the Doctor, she changed my diet and gave me some vitamins and hormones and today I feel like my energy is back to when I was 15 years old!


I began the first HRT and IMMEDIATELY within 2 days I had results. I felt PEACEFUL – not aggressive. Pain in my neck STOPPED!. Body aches stopped. And the overall balance of my body nerves STABILIZED! My sleep at night became deep. I have MORE energy already and now I look back after only 2 weeks of the HRT and now I can see that what Dr Mathur saw in my body was real and FIXABLE.


Before I took the hormones I had hot flashes all day and all night (almost every 2 hours, sometimes more). Anju had me take estrogen and progesterone and since then I’ve been sleeping full nights without waking up! This is quite a change in energy and efficiency. Thanks Anju