About Anju Mathur, M.D. of Angel Longevity Medical Center

Anju Mathur, M.D.
Anju Mathur, M.D.

Dr. Anju Mathur has practiced general medicine in Greater Los Angeles for last 15 years. After being in private practice for a few years she was disappointed with the results she was getting using traditional /conventional medicine. Patients were not raving about results for one thing. And then because of a personal health crisis she had to look for real solutions to health problems.

Dr. Anju Mathur looked at nutrition to find answers, and soon she was using appropriate nutritional supplements. They worked wonderfully with no side effects.

Dr. Mathur then decided to further explore the realms of so-called alternative medicine.

Dr. Mathur was lucky enough to discover bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. She was impressed with what just balancing the hormones can do to bring wellness and vitality to life.

Today Dr. Mathur is certified in Anti-Aging Medicine by the  American Academy of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine, and has been treating hundreds of patients; balancing their hormones and practicing anti-aging and wellness medicine.

She attends almost double the hours required by a medical Doctor for continuing education to keep abreast of all advances in Anti- Aging medicine.

Sadly, in the 21st century today, the health care industry in the United States is mainly driven by drug companies who put out very harmful drugs masked as medicine. These synthetic substances cause untold side effects and only help in suppressing the symptoms.

They do not address the root cause of the health problems. It is like killing the messenger who brought the bad news.

Health care today is focused on disease and not wellness. Our goal at Angel Longevity Medical Center is to put the emphasis back on Wellness.

Our anti-aging medical clinic is set up to help as many people as possible with customized nutrition, natural hormone balancing and fitness to improve the quality of their life.

Patient Review

I began the first HRT and IMMEDIATELY within 2 days I had results. I felt PEACEFUL – not aggressive. Pain in my neck STOPPED!. Body aches stopped. And the overall balance of my body nerves STABILIZED! My sleep at night became deep. I have MORE energy already and now I look back after only 2 weeks of the HRT and now I can see that what Dr Mathur saw in my body was real and FIXABLE.”  – Sharon